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 I offer a variety of services for all genders that include basic and supreme facials to combat more problematic issues for the skin. Hair removal (waxing), full and soft glams (makeup), and other beauty services are also offered as well. 

Skin Treatment Services

 Microdermbrasion, High frequency, and Hydrodermabrasion are just some of the facials that I offer for skin treatments. Consultations are done at the beginning of every appointment for new clients to determine what treatment is best to use based on skin type.  All facials include cleanse, exfoliation, a mask, and extractions (if needed). My deep clean facials are similiar to getting your car detailed...I will get into the nooks and crannies that  normal cleanses just cant DO!


Going to prom, a wedding, a birthday party, or having a just a photo shoot, or a night out of town? You have the option of choosing from a soft to full glam. For large parties or special events booking, please reach out via email or by phone to discuss specific details. 

Special treatments

High frequency beard treatments is a service that is highly popular for men who desires a healthy and vibrant beard. This treatment helps with beard growth and  eliminates bacteria that can grow without proper care. PCOS is a condition that women can develop that causes excessive hair growth, hyperpigmentation and acne.  This treatment includes a facial that has ingredients that help fight against acne and dark spots. It also includes a facial wax (and/or) tweezing. These services are available to clients upon request and can be adjusted to fit clients skin type.

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